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    Welcome to the Swanton Historical Society Web site!

    Hours & Months of Operation:

      The Depot Museum is open from Memorial Day until
    early- to mid-October (foliage season) dependent on weather
    Hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  – Fri and Sat 

    The Depot Museum is closed during winter and 
    open by appointment only until spring

    The SHS Museum & archives office, located in the
    basement of the Swanton Free Library on
    First Street, is by appointment only for research purposes

    (Museum artifacts on display can be viewed on Wednesdays
    (variable 2-hr opening, staffed by a Trustee Board member
    until further notice) (check with Library front desk to see if open)

    Special Note:  Until further notice, the SHS Museum & Archives location
    at the Library is closed due to flood repairs.  For further information,
    please contact
    thank you for your patience.

    The web site features:

    This site will be updated routinely and if you have any suggestions for improving the web site, please contact us.

    Board Members: 

    Jason Barney, President
    Glen Gurwit,  Vice-President/Treasurer
    Mike Barkyoumb, Secretary

    Non-Board Member/Volunteer: 

    Curator/Membership:  Fran Hopkins              (Temporary – Open)  

    Updated: September 2023


    Robert Bettis
    Nick Brosseau
    Rich Kelley
    Ron Kilburn (Lifetime Trustee)
    Jahnessa Ryea
    Bruce Spaulding
    Cody Hemenway
    Heather Lavoie
    Zoe Brosky
    Mason Landry