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    Swanton Community Video

    This Swanton Community Video was produced through the Orton Family Foundation in 2000.


    Award Winning Fit & Healthy Recreation Path
    Swanton, Vermont

    The Award Winning Fit & Healthy Recreation Path is located on one mile of the abandoned railroad line, the former St. J. & L. C. Railroad leading from the Swanton Historical Society Railroad Depot Museum at 58 South River St., across the Missisquoi River on the restored Circa 1903 West Milton Truss Bridge, over a cattle underpass, past the Swanton Limeworks, across Grand Ave., past the Swanton Elementary and Central Schools, past the former Robin Hood Ammunition Factory and ending at the site of the former East Station on Robin Hood Drive. Photo credits: Amy Brewer, Dick Thompson, Polly Pare and Ron Kilburn.